Dojo Etiquette

  1. The student must show respect for his instructors as well as fellow students.
  2. When a senior student is teaching, you should follow his teaching, even if you feel his teaching may be wrong.  The instructor will correct the senior student at a later time.
  3. Do not take charge of class, or teach, unless you have the instructor's permission.  This is very disrespectful.
  4. Students must not practice any technique that has not been formally presented to them by a Kodenkan Instructor.
  5. Students not participating in Jujitsu will sit in seiza at the extreme edge of the tatami in silence.  There should be no disruption of the class by those not participating.
  6. A student should not anticipate promotions.  Promotions are earned, not given out as a favor or to keep peace in the dojo.  When you are ready you will be promoted.
  7. All students will bow on entering and leaving the dojo as well as walking on and off of the tatami.
  8. Students must always be careful practicing Jujitsu.  If you feel uncomfortable with your uki or tori, please advise your instructor in private.
  9. Students must exercise sincerely and not recklessly.
  11. Students should be careful in criticizing the arts of fellow students as well as other Martial Artists.
  12. Do not brag about your abilities.
  13. Students will maintain the highest standard of personal hygiene--paying attention to short, smooth fingernails and toenails.  Gi's will be clean.
  14. Students must not wear jewelry or any sharp objects while practicing Jujitsu.
  15. No student should teach the art of Jujitsu to anyone not affiliated with the school without permission of the Instructor.