The Headaches of AT&T Moblie

10 Sep

Some of these things I just get tired is all the bull shit. I just found out about me cell phone bill that I am going to have a extra bill on top of what I already pay, Why? Because AT&T I guess wants to try to blood as much money out of you as they can. Why is this whole comment coming up its because I have to pay extra because I went over on my texting plan. But I have iPhone so I am paying for a cell phone plan, data place, texting plan, and taxes / other charges. The information is the iPhone uses only data when it is on 3g. So that means your called your data and you texting is all classified as the data plan. The cell phone know they have everyone and you cant fight them. I guess I am just getting tired of people pushing me around its happening a little bit to much right now. I am just hopping someone or some companies¬† come along and make this market have a real wake up call and understand they can still say “Hey you have all of that stuff unlimited for $40 and they would still be making a ton of money.

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