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TomTom XXL

02 Feb

so, I went up to my mother’s house today to take a look at her GPS. She said she got and when I got then it was a TomTom XXL. Which at first I was thinking at its going to be OK. I heard in the past how some of the GPS is OK.  But I don’t normally hear a Wow! From anyone about it. So when I opened it up I found there was 2 options on how you can hook this thing up to your car. By the dash when it has some weights and there you stick it to the pad on your dash or there is the normally stick it to the window option. Which that is really nice I was thinking because you can do that option that make the user most happy and that option is because of TomTom added both options to this product.

Then there was a option you can get updates if you connect it to the computer. At first I was thinking , OK this is going to be a little bit of some work. But I ended up having no problems. I plugged it in and it asked if I was connecting it to the computer and I answer. The software package then launches and asks about installing and it was really easy. I setup an account with TomTom. Over all I was really impressed with the TomTom. Not that it was really doing more then it said it would. There was a small bug with the map when I looked up the area it was showing that area was called something totally different.


01 Feb

I just started listening to some pod-casts yesterday.  I also listened to, a couple of episodes. One of my friends was telling me I should listen to them. The first episode that I watched was fine. But the current episode I was greatly disappointed. It just felt like they just rambling from most of the show or many be they just got off the main topic which was to tell you about the new tech gear and stuff that is going on. In away I guess they did stay on the main topic. I guess it did not have any information that really kept me listening. I did finish it so I can say that I listened to it. But if it was me I would may have stopped it after the first 30 minutes.

A list of the podcasts I am going to try out is:, IPad Today, Mac Power Users, MacCast, This Week in Careers, This Week in IPad, This Week in Photography, This week in Tech,, and Wired’s Gadget Lab.

There is some that I are already on the way out the day. But I will check them all again.  So, I will give them all one more shot before I delete them from my list. Then when I feel like added more I will check again to see what is still around.


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