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Religion into War

28 Mar

Amazing movie I just watched. It was called “The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas“. Sometimes I feel or feel like I think like the boy called Bruno. The movie is one of those movies that really started to ask that question. Why? and how could people even think this way not totally knowing why people have these crazy ideas and logic. It is really sad to think how simple minding people are in the world.

Another good movie that shows how people can totally lost it and then start to play god is called “Kingdom of Heaven“. I in the whole maybe we really need to take a step back and look at out religions and try to understand the idea of it by trying to use some of the messages as a general guide line. It some of the places that try to push their beliefs on people that you may need to take a moment and say to yourself. Is this the right thing to do?

There is a whole list of movies that will go along with the message of these messages and it is odd that through history this has been happening. We have not learn to be able to live together without fighting over some of the little things in life. I hope one day we will learn to grow out of these childish games.


26 Mar

I ended up watch a movie / documentary and I just wanted to tell people that I enjoyed it and I was also thinking, that as I was doing that I should list a couple more. I don’t want to change peoples’ minds just hope that they try to step back to look over and understand the whole picture.

The one movie was called “The End of America”

I am planning on adding a couple more links to this post. At this point in time I should just post it.

One Hard Day of Clean

22 Mar

The whole project started from me wanted to make a pot of Ham and Bean soup. So as you would guess I started in the kitchen. Then I tried to force Dad to try to change the location of where he keeps his medicine. From that we rolled into the dinning room. We cleaned off some of the shelves and some of the drawers. After all this I ended up moving on to part of the laundry room.

Stopping to try the soup and watch a movie for a little bit. taking a moment to settle me mind a little bit. We headed of to Walmart to bought a couple boxes to pack some medicine away. Now digging into the closet up stairs just to put the medicine where I wanted it I ended up starting another cleaning project. So at this point in time I had the up stairs closet to finish.

Old Computer Parts Must Go

20 Mar

This saturday I am going to be cleaning out the basement for all the computer parts and sending them off to computer heaven in the sky. I am hopping to trash about 3 boxes.

Short Term Goals

18 Mar

Exorcise harder each day

Do better job at dentil care

Learn a better vocabulary

Read for 1 hr each day


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