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One Hard Day of Clean

22 Mar

The whole project started from me wanted to make a pot of Ham and Bean soup. So as you would guess I started in the kitchen. Then I tried to force Dad to try to change the location of where he keeps his medicine. From that we rolled into the dinning room. We cleaned off some of the shelves and some of the drawers. After all this I ended up moving on to part of the laundry room.

Stopping to try the soup and watch a movie for a little bit. taking a moment to settle me mind a little bit. We headed of to Walmart to bought a couple boxes to pack some medicine away. Now digging into the closet up stairs just to put the medicine where I wanted it I ended up starting another cleaning project. So at this point in time I had the up stairs closet to finish.

Old Computer Parts Must Go

20 Mar

This saturday I am going to be cleaning out the basement for all the computer parts and sending them off to computer heaven in the sky. I am hopping to trash about 3 boxes.


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