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Strengthen My Reading

14 Sep

A big goal of mine is to get better in reading and writing. So I have decide that I would start with some easy books and keep going from there. I will try to post little comments about the book. Not sure if I will be writing a lot of a little. I guess that will be all on the book and how well I like it or hate it. I ended up going to the book store with one of my friends and asking the question what books would be good for me to start out and what would be some of the classics. My list is:
Owl at Home
The Velveteen Rabbit
Encyclopedia Brown – Boy Detective
Stuart Little

I finish Owl at Home. Not that it was a hard read but I just had to start somewhere and I wanted to see how long my skills were really at.
So if people asked me if the book would be good for a child. I would like to say it could be a book the kid could like but for me. I would not tell people to read it. I am sure that is a lot more books out there at the reading level that you can get or read for the kids and it would end up way better then this book.
My next book is going to be The Velveteen Rabbit. I am hopping I am going to like this book a lot more it was recommended to me. So I have a feeling I will be a lot better.

Sadly to say I have a ton of things that are going through my mind and I do not always make the time to just sit down and read one of these books. I am hopping to make it more of a routine for me at some point.

Oklahoma Trip

29 May


I am going to back up a little bit but my Oklahoma trip went well. I really did not do to much. I ended up just tagging along with my sister the whole time and stay with her schedule. I am not totally sure if that was the best of ideas. I never got to see my Aunt, Uncle and Cousins out there. I feel bad about it but there is not much I can do about it now. I was set on a schedule and I ran out of time there. I may end up driving out there or flying out there again. I know I will make sure I block out a couple days just to be there. I only have a couple photos from that trip.

So here is the Link to the photos: me LOVE dirt , Okhaloma City , Huummm Ice Cream

P90X >> Yoga X

15 May

p90xWow, p90x catch me off guard again. I was thinking I was going to have a easy workout last night and it ended up being harder. I am still loving the p90x.But I did just start p90x. I can see by the end that I will just end up liking it even more.

If you don’t know what I am talking about its I have just started the p90x workout. I would say it fits how I like to workout more then some of the other routine they have out there.

Visit to Oklahoma

03 Apr

I am planning a trip to OK and I was hoping to go near the beginning of the month. So I had looked at the ticket options and found it to be better if left around the 17th. I did not want to wait that long to I will try to make it that I will come back on the 17th. So lets just say I am going to order my tickets for 10th – 17th. I did not do it yet, but I will.

I will be using the airlines called SouthWest. Hopefully there was be no problems. I had some problems with I went to Florida for my cousin’s wedding. AirTran was the airline and it was a non stop to Florida. But when I got there I did not have my luggage.

New update to my travel plans idea. I am now thinking about driving out there because there is no need for my to fly because I am in no rush. So, I am thinking about what I still want to do. Going with new idea there is new ideas of the dates then. I would say around Saturday or Monday I would leave and I would try to come back within a week or so.

Once again ideas or plans have been changed. At this point I will be just thinking of a new date and time for when I am going to leave. So everything is just on hold at this point in time.

Once again the plans have been changed and they are now set in stone. My sister ordered me tickets to fly out there on the 20th and come back on the 28th. So that will be the dates that I will be in Oklahoma and if you need to reach me I guess just message or call.

Short Term Goals

18 Mar

Exorcise harder each day

Do better job at dentil care

Learn a better vocabulary

Read for 1 hr each day


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