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Strengthen My Reading

14 Sep

A big goal of mine is to get better in reading and writing. So I have decide that I would start with some easy books and keep going from there. I will try to post little comments about the book. Not sure if I will be writing a lot of a little. I guess that will be all on the book and how well I like it or hate it. I ended up going to the book store with one of my friends and asking the question what books would be good for me to start out and what would be some of the classics. My list is:
Owl at Home
The Velveteen Rabbit
Encyclopedia Brown – Boy Detective
Stuart Little

I finish Owl at Home. Not that it was a hard read but I just had to start somewhere and I wanted to see how long my skills were really at.
So if people asked me if the book would be good for a child. I would like to say it could be a book the kid could like but for me. I would not tell people to read it. I am sure that is a lot more books out there at the reading level that you can get or read for the kids and it would end up way better then this book.
My next book is going to be The Velveteen Rabbit. I am hopping I am going to like this book a lot more it was recommended to me. So I have a feeling I will be a lot better.

Sadly to say I have a ton of things that are going through my mind and I do not always make the time to just sit down and read one of these books. I am hopping to make it more of a routine for me at some point.

Caledonia Trails

09 Jun

I am going to be hiking or walking in Caledonia each day, other then Wednesdays. I will be up there around 6pm – 7pm. Looking to lose a couple pounds.

If there is people that would like to join me, just call.


07 Jun

I was holding out for awhile trying not to sign up for all these different types of group blog sites. But I caved in and signed up for facebook which if I use it I think I will like it tho. I am not totally sure about the twitter idea yet. Still pushing around that idea in my head.

Enjoy the View

14 Apr


There is 3 parts to this post. But 2 of them couple be added together. There is the yard, the mower blades, and Easter dinner food.

I know with the yarrd photos they could be just joined with the mower blades photos but the reason why I keeped them apart is because I took them on a different day and so I wanted to only post the photos that I took on that one day as a album.

The Mower blades I was thinking the photos would turn out a little bit better but it looks less interesting then what I was thinking. But the rust and green build up with the sharp shine of the blade has some contrast.

On to the Easter dinner meal. I wanted to just show the vast options that there was for the Easter dinner. There was some items that I left out of the photos but I am sure it did not matter that much. I did not take any photo of people because I feel a lot of people really do not like a camera pushed into their face.

There one something that I noticed about these last couple sets of photos and that is the brightens. Some of the photos turned out OK, but a lot of the photos turned out to dark. These are some of the setting I will need to play around with to try to make sure the photo will turn out better more often. The other part would be maybe getting a new lens because I like the macro look a lot I think I would be really useful if I get a macro lens too.

The 3 albums that I have been talking is and the links to them are below.

A Little Rain, Mower Blades, and Easter Dinner


12 Apr


This Saturday I went shooting at first I really did not feel like going. But as the day was going on I was finding my friends were starting to give up on the idea of going because we were having a problem trying to get bullets to use. There has been a short age in bullets. I am not really going to go in to the reason why but I think it was a dumb idea. So as I saw the group start to fall apart to go shooting I stepped in and helped them finish thier goal to go shooting for the day. As you will be able to see we did get to go shooting.

A link to my photo album: Shooting

Religion into War

28 Mar

Amazing movie I just watched. It was called “The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas“. Sometimes I feel or feel like I think like the boy called Bruno. The movie is one of those movies that really started to ask that question. Why? and how could people even think this way not totally knowing why people have these crazy ideas and logic. It is really sad to think how simple minding people are in the world.

Another good movie that shows how people can totally lost it and then start to play god is called “Kingdom of Heaven“. I in the whole maybe we really need to take a step back and look at out religions and try to understand the idea of it by trying to use some of the messages as a general guide line. It some of the places that try to push their beliefs on people that you may need to take a moment and say to yourself. Is this the right thing to do?

There is a whole list of movies that will go along with the message of these messages and it is odd that through history this has been happening. We have not learn to be able to live together without fighting over some of the little things in life. I hope one day we will learn to grow out of these childish games.


26 Mar

I ended up watch a movie / documentary and I just wanted to tell people that I enjoyed it and I was also thinking, that as I was doing that I should list a couple more. I don’t want to change peoples’ minds just hope that they try to step back to look over and understand the whole picture.

The one movie was called “The End of America”

I am planning on adding a couple more links to this post. At this point in time I should just post it.


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