TomTom XXL

02 Feb

so, I went up to my mother’s house today to take a look at her GPS. She said she got and when I got then it was a TomTom XXL. Which at first I was thinking at its going to be OK. I heard in the past how some of the GPS is OK.  But I don’t normally hear a Wow! From anyone about it. So when I opened it up I found there was 2 options on how you can hook this thing up to your car. By the dash when it has some weights and there you stick it to the pad on your dash or there is the normally stick it to the window option. Which that is really nice I was thinking because you can do that option that make the user most happy and that option is because of TomTom added both options to this product.

Then there was a option you can get updates if you connect it to the computer. At first I was thinking , OK this is going to be a little bit of some work. But I ended up having no problems. I plugged it in and it asked if I was connecting it to the computer and I answer. The software package then launches and asks about installing and it was really easy. I setup an account with TomTom. Over all I was really impressed with the TomTom. Not that it was really doing more then it said it would. There was a small bug with the map when I looked up the area it was showing that area was called something totally different.


01 Feb

I just started listening to some pod-casts yesterday.  I also listened to, a couple of episodes. One of my friends was telling me I should listen to them. The first episode that I watched was fine. But the current episode I was greatly disappointed. It just felt like they just rambling from most of the show or many be they just got off the main topic which was to tell you about the new tech gear and stuff that is going on. In away I guess they did stay on the main topic. I guess it did not have any information that really kept me listening. I did finish it so I can say that I listened to it. But if it was me I would may have stopped it after the first 30 minutes.

A list of the podcasts I am going to try out is:, IPad Today, Mac Power Users, MacCast, This Week in Careers, This Week in IPad, This Week in Photography, This week in Tech,, and Wired’s Gadget Lab.

There is some that I are already on the way out the day. But I will check them all again.  So, I will give them all one more shot before I delete them from my list. Then when I feel like added more I will check again to see what is still around.

Born Rich

14 Sep

After watching this video clip. I always like to think what if that was me. What would I do and how would I act? Would I still meeting and make friends and be friend with the same people or would I totally over look those people I would call my friends now. It would be sad to think I would act or be different. But I can’t really say that I would because I would not have the same paths I would because of the money. I feel I try to keep money away from friends and family because I already see what it has done to my family now. Not even trying to fathom if my family was like these families.

Strengthen My Reading

14 Sep

A big goal of mine is to get better in reading and writing. So I have decide that I would start with some easy books and keep going from there. I will try to post little comments about the book. Not sure if I will be writing a lot of a little. I guess that will be all on the book and how well I like it or hate it. I ended up going to the book store with one of my friends and asking the question what books would be good for me to start out and what would be some of the classics. My list is:
Owl at Home
The Velveteen Rabbit
Encyclopedia Brown – Boy Detective
Stuart Little

I finish Owl at Home. Not that it was a hard read but I just had to start somewhere and I wanted to see how long my skills were really at.
So if people asked me if the book would be good for a child. I would like to say it could be a book the kid could like but for me. I would not tell people to read it. I am sure that is a lot more books out there at the reading level that you can get or read for the kids and it would end up way better then this book.
My next book is going to be The Velveteen Rabbit. I am hopping I am going to like this book a lot more it was recommended to me. So I have a feeling I will be a lot better.

Sadly to say I have a ton of things that are going through my mind and I do not always make the time to just sit down and read one of these books. I am hopping to make it more of a routine for me at some point.

The Headaches of AT&T Moblie

10 Sep

Some of these things I just get tired is all the bull shit. I just found out about me cell phone bill that I am going to have a extra bill on top of what I already pay, Why? Because AT&T I guess wants to try to blood as much money out of you as they can. Why is this whole comment coming up its because I have to pay extra because I went over on my texting plan. But I have iPhone so I am paying for a cell phone plan, data place, texting plan, and taxes / other charges. The information is the iPhone uses only data when it is on 3g. So that means your called your data and you texting is all classified as the data plan. The cell phone know they have everyone and you cant fight them. I guess I am just getting tired of people pushing me around its happening a little bit to much right now. I am just hopping someone or some companies  come along and make this market have a real wake up call and understand they can still say “Hey you have all of that stuff unlimited for $40 and they would still be making a ton of money.

Caledonia Trails

09 Jun

I am going to be hiking or walking in Caledonia each day, other then Wednesdays. I will be up there around 6pm – 7pm. Looking to lose a couple pounds.

If there is people that would like to join me, just call.


07 Jun

I was holding out for awhile trying not to sign up for all these different types of group blog sites. But I caved in and signed up for facebook which if I use it I think I will like it tho. I am not totally sure about the twitter idea yet. Still pushing around that idea in my head.

Fence Project

30 May

I heard my friend was going to be taking out his fence in the back yard. So I game him a call and took him that I could come over and help with removing it. The project went faster then what he was thinking it was going to take. I do have a couple photos. But I will add it a little bit later. It was nice that Eric was able to get a bobcat to use because that helped a ton.

So I am ready for the next part of the project when ever he is ready to start it.

Oklahoma Trip

29 May


I am going to back up a little bit but my Oklahoma trip went well. I really did not do to much. I ended up just tagging along with my sister the whole time and stay with her schedule. I am not totally sure if that was the best of ideas. I never got to see my Aunt, Uncle and Cousins out there. I feel bad about it but there is not much I can do about it now. I was set on a schedule and I ran out of time there. I may end up driving out there or flying out there again. I know I will make sure I block out a couple days just to be there. I only have a couple photos from that trip.

So here is the Link to the photos: me LOVE dirt , Okhaloma City , Huummm Ice Cream

P90X >> Yoga X

15 May

p90xWow, p90x catch me off guard again. I was thinking I was going to have a easy workout last night and it ended up being harder. I am still loving the p90x.But I did just start p90x. I can see by the end that I will just end up liking it even more.

If you don’t know what I am talking about its I have just started the p90x workout. I would say it fits how I like to workout more then some of the other routine they have out there.


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